Get Sick And Let Me Watch You Die (Album 2024)


Noise Rock Hardcore Punk Sludge Crust Death Metal

Elegance is an attitude… to shit on.“ And now „Get sick and let me watch you die“. Some bands clearly know how to find a direct and appealing way to communicate. This release comes via Reptilian Records (Buzzov*en, Cutthroats 9, Negative Approach, The Dwarves) with Euro distribution by Sounds of Subterrania (Cro(w)s, Die! Die! Die!, Melt-Banana, The Stilettos). 

Like the album title, the song topics are not easy either: desolat ring the „Doomsday Clock“ first like Overseer. But with a Roadtrip To Outta Space Stoner drive and croaking, that might catch you live immediately. It is „Time For Darkness“, rolling like Helmet with venomous Napalm Death Brujeria sound and a certain despair in it. And more bad news are just ahead. 

Talking about a „Pregnant Meth Addict With Cancer“ and „Two Elderly Brothers Killed A Young Mother“ (making think of „Goodnight Mommy“), the delicate guitar-work is a heavy bulk coming from your speakers. So „Great White Northern Shitlicker“ could be nice played fast as well. But Slower, it has this wonderful taste of acoustic Doomers Dronte

Since „This Band Is Your Yoga“, the „Central European Nihilist Arrogance“ comes out with a superfine drive and noises like Earth Ship. Finally another fitting title brings this ship home: „(Gin) Tonic Youth“ is suitable as single in advance, a Death’n’Roller that tops off this album. 

As aggressive the title might sound, desolat sound bit less crude compared to their earlier releases, of course without loosing any authenticity or power. It still feels like a Sabbathy Body Count influenced riff-thunder, with ‚no redeeming value‘ but musically all the more so. It is a way to escape even on a railway like on the cover inspired by „I Love The Way They Scream When They Die“ of Brutal Juice