Not Live But Live The Tribe Unites

DJ Premier feat. Jeru The Damaja, Flava In Ya Ear, DJ Rawkat

Presented by 50 Years Of Hip Hop at Flex Wien, Austria 20240611

Down the Donaukanal a bass pierces through thick walls. It origins from Flex, where some Hard & Heavy was lately and will be again with The Ocean and Danko Jones. Between, 50 Years Of Hip Hop took over their base again with Masta Ace & Marco Polo and Curse will come at the end of the year. And tonight, it is all about some of the most influential beats as in „Fight The Power“ with Chuck D of Public Enemy

Once again, DJ Rawkat of Steelo on Radio Superfly does the warm-up. People keep puring in like the rain keeps dropping outside. Some start to dance already to tunes by likes of MED, Logic, LL Cool J and Apache. For the local support, many have made it already, while others queue to get it. The logo on the banner reveals the name of the group and the video(s) on the LED-backwall will repeat: 

Flava In Ya Ear tell that they get together for a session once a year in jogging pants. The result are like „Golden Shit“ or „Locker Lästig“. Apart from the logo and shirt production videos, a medley of Western movies of Remo Capitani or Clint Eastwood accompanies this live action. And after „Alkoholmissbrauch“, it takes (the unreleased) „Nurofen“. 

Lead act DJ Premier not only is one half of Gang Starr like Havoc of Mobb Deep. He counts one of the most important DJs and producers like Grandmaster Flash and Dr. Dre. His discography spans from Pop like Christina Aguilera to (Nu) Metal like Limp Bizkit, including names like Afu-Ra, Jay-Z, Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) and Royce Da 5’9

So one hit follows the other like from KRS One. The DJ talks about icons like Run DMC, N.W.A., Ice Cube, Ice-T and Rakim (who actually should have played the day after). Jeru The Damaja joins for some songs and the audience sings with him: ‚Hands up cause we droppin’ some Scheiße‘. 

As the „Moment Of Truth“ is getting closer, DJ Premier says goodbye with „Ante Up“ of M.O.P and few more. And on Saturday, the next Duzz Down San Blockparty would be waiting..