Chronicles Of An Inevitable Outcome (EP 2021)


Dark Alternative Doom

Probably every bigger city has its own certain darker and gloomier places and streets. Places of children of the night. Places like in Vienna’s 15th district with establishments like the Kontaktcafe or Studios with names from bands like Cinderella.

It might be the same in Paris, from where a duo paints its own musical picture of a night on those streets. Intraveineuse have a memorable logo created by Forifem. Round, it looks like a Peace-sign turned upside down. On the cover in heart shape, it reminds of Gothic Rockers HIM. Funnily, this seems applying, as Ville Valo used to work in his fathers sex store, like we see on the artwork of “Chronicles Of An Inevitable Outcome” by Benjamin Dubois, edited by Alexandre Fort.

The debut EP is one song of half an hour in three parts and is available as tape on Bandcamp like e.g. Verschlinger or TarLung as well. Listening to it while it is raining heavily outside at first fogs the rain on the record. Then it remembers of the beauty a piano can have in a James Bond soundtrack and especially in this kind of music, having atmosphere like Clouds Taste Satanic.

As the guitar’s on overdrive and the drums are definite and powerful and a clerical feeling appears, Post Hardcore and Black Metal seem legit comparisons too like Canvas and Harakiri for the sky. Meanwhile we stand alone on this street, with the hood put on and the wet hair hanging in the eyes.

It feels homeless, restless, like nowhere to go, while voices are whispering in the head and the speakers. But then, at least for a while, the melody gets warmer and birds are chirping, as the morning is rising on these “Dreary Roads”. The bass leads the way and as the duration progresses, the dawn gets darker again.

That comes down in the guitar sounding like 2000s Post Grunge, before we turn into the home straight with the sea calling from the Bretagne. The instruments get more epic, repeating the main theme until the sudden end, leaving the end of the story open.

Intraveineuse use postal codes on social media and the two words ‘Love’ and ‘Despair’. And that is exactly what they do, creating a balance between the heavy heart and juvenile ease, between agony and relief.