Metal Family Dwells In Brutality

Forsaken, Urza, Mortajas, Earthbong, Endonomos

Doom Over Vienna XVII – Day 2, Escape Metalcorner Wien, Austria 20231111

It is the end of a week full of Metal. After modern Hardcore styles and Old School Thrash it is time for one of the most beautifully intense lovely slowly burning way. At Escape, where you can hang your jacket without any bad thought and a family atmosphere is cultivated, the Doom Over Vienna goes into its second round. 

Several sizes of the festival shirt are already sold out after the first day with Evadne and more. This Saturday, Endonomos begin soon after the doors opened. They pick up the numerous audience with songs like „Weary“ and „Rejoice“ from their debut. As merch they brought ‚Endonomost‘ from Obergut, which goes down well with fans and bands. ‚We hope you had a good carnival start with us‘, they tell, and soon they’ll play at Dome Of Rock and Into The Void.

Earthbong from Kiel, Germany basically keep up the pace but sometimes vary bit more. So the sound sometimes even gets a warmer Stoner feeling with a jazzy note, as the guitar turns from discreet picking to Noise spheres. With Mortajas from Chile, the melodic aspect even expands with the whole band singing their prayerful hymns. For them, it is the first European tour ‚From The Southern Doomed Paths‘, promoting their new album, out via Sun & Moon Records. And as they travel with Marchafunebre who played the night before, their merchandise is available too.

After the embracing harmonies, the Funeral Doom with Black Metal pinches by Urza from Berlin comes down like the cold wind from outside. Again the audience seems to be blissfully, and (again) the band can be met upstairs after the show. Finally the Epic Doom Metal by Forsaken from Malta is another highlight of atmosphere. The Heavy Metal voice of Leo Stivala gives songs like „Carpe Diem“ and „Where Angels Have Fallen“ the little extra. 

Forsaken as the other bands and fans are thankful to the Escape and Willi for another amazing Doom Over Vienna. This makes this place so homey and this live salvation possible as well as deep talks about the music or other festivals like Schlichtenfest, In Flammen and Neuborn Open Air..