Happy Brutality From Then N’ Now

Death Angel, Sacred Reich, Angelus Apatrida

Night Of The Living Thrash European Tour 2023 presented by TON Music Productions, ((szene)) Wien, Austria 20231108

From ‚new‘ to ‚old‘: After an outstanding evening at the Never Say Die! Tour featuring  modern acts like King 810, it gets more traditional this Wednesday. TON Music Productions present the Night Of The Living Thrash Tour, punctually at the conclusion of the 40th anniversary year of the genre, since Slayer and Metallica released their debuts.

Time is short between the entry at 6.30 pm and the start of the first band Angelus Apatrida at 7. Hailing from Albacete, Spain, they appeared e.g. at Area 53 Festival the year before. Live they surge ahead with the power of likes of Sepultura and Cavalera Conspiracy. Their set includes bangers like „Indoctrinate“ or „Give ‘Em War“ as well as new songs from their latest album „Aftermath“. 

Almost exactly one year ago, it was the last time, Sacred Reich was in town. They toured countries like Mexico already back in 1988 with „Ignorance“. Since then the love of their fans has remained, as they joke that the guy that is one head taller than everyone must have a great view. It doesn’t matter where someone is born, nor the language, religion or ‚who you fuck with‘, as we are „One Nation“. 

They point out that they are happy to have the ‚old‘ fans with them and that we have to be love and compassion to change the world, while music is „Salvation“ and „Awakening“. Then Death Angel follow, who started when they were around 12 years old. Still it is the first tour of the two headliner they do together. 

Opening with the massive „Lord of Hate“ from „Killing Season“, their set is a journey through the discography. Continuing with „Seemingly Endless Time“ and „Buried Alive“, they point out that is community is not following a trend but endures and ‚fuck the majority‘ before „The Dream Calls For Blood“, „Relentless Revolution“ and „Truce“. These shows make this fellowship happy, and the conversations after are all about music too, from Archspire to Autback..