Hold Me One Last Time (Single 2023)


Acoustic Folk Singer-Songwriter

The peace of an old house up the mountain. The dark wood front, the turquoise metal fence, the low ceilings and the narrow stone stairs to the basement. Pictures that come up hearing to these melodies and words talking thoughtfully about the fear of loss. 

This single of DuoLia. might be the most personal and intimate so far. Within the last months, they became regulars at Kramladen, taking chances to perform restlessly. At the same time, they find time to write. And it is something, for sure many listeners can relate to, what it’s like to leave loved ones especially grandparents behind, when they leave far away but you need to go home. 

Jokah has dealt with the subject in his way, and it’s important to Sheldon in Big Bang Theory. Now the title „Hold Me One Last Time“ because of ‚hold‘ makes think of „I Hold On“, „Hold Sacred“ and especially „Hold on Love“. Produced by Hayden Arp and mastered by Cohen Yusha (Black Cherry Marble, Pale Male, Tech N9ne), it came out a gem of music, with a cover photographed by Sarah Jackel.

After few repeats already the first tones are stuck in one’s mind. Gentle plugging of strings, that softly reminds of Peter Ratzenbeck, and a little bit of Christmas. Voice and instrumental melody are one, transmitting the melancholy, that you might feel the moment you just left your people, when you are at the beginning of your journey that moves you further and further away. 

It could be the „Manchild“ talking, before more instruments build the dynamic in a way like Yunger. At the peak, the rhythm brings up Eddie Vedder from one of the most acclaimed soundtracks „Into The Wild“. DuoLia. manage to give the goodbye a beautiful and positive musical face, with a sweet conclusion like „La Catedral“.