Dichroic (Album 2023)


Post Grunge

Dystopia. A disturbing vision of future. And a topic that inspires heavy music like Megadeth or Chaos Over Cosmos and another band from Ukraine. As they say, their country is going ‚through a very hard time‘, so they released their debut with some delay. 

The band members of WENTSEAT come from different parts of the Ukraine. United, they craft their own soundtrack of beautiful Post Rock and harsh Grunge. Inspired by George Orwell’s1984“, adapted for cinema with John Hurt, it features a green-gray cover photograph. It shows a concrete building with the group’s name and title in the front and the logo pictured on a wall in the back. 

For the „Greetings“, they borrowed from the audiobook read by Frank Mallack, that makes think of Haus Arafna. Then the actual „Intro“ follows, as they like to build up the album in a sophisticated way, bringing up the first big name(s) of Alternative Metal with System Of A Down, Serj Tankian and Scars On Broadway

Sound and volume pump up in „Obsession“, with a bass beginning like Helmet and hard guitars like from Tool or VOVK in contrast to the soft voice creating a cognitive dissonance. For this as well as for „Conflict“ that starts with a conciliatory guitar part, WENTSEAT published lyric videos. 

The pure Seether Post Grunge feeling comes in with „Dialogue“, only maybe topped by „Heroes“. This is where the genre once come to one’s mind with Pearl Jam and Soundgarden and the modulation unfolds its effect. Close to the album’s end, it even gets another Baroness drive with „Rave“. 

WENTSEAT paint their image of dystopia with many tone colors and atmospheres from likes of The Great Gray Funk, Our Survival Depends On Us, The Ills and many others. An appealing way to warn ‚people of the danger, of the soulless transformation of our lives into meaningless stories.‘