Dream On Progressive Psychedelic Post Rock

Esben and the Witch, le_mol

Hold Sacred Live Europe Spring Tour 2023, Viper Room Vienna, Austria 20230601

Summer comes in and the cool walls of the Viper Room basement are waiting for a heartwarming Post Rock performance. The two bands played together in this combination already in 2019 pictured by Eraserhead. Now, four years later, they repeat the fruitful gathering at the very place.  

When the bow lets the strings swing and cotton lets the cymbals swing, you might be watching le_mol, who opened e.g. for Tides From Nebula at DasBACH. They announce, that they will circle around the same thing thanks to their one, no two loop stations, that gives them the opportunity for drum rolls and other finesses. 

In the background, visuals by CVD / Dornwittchen display camels, morphing faces and plants. As the camera moves through high buildings, it looks like drummer Sebastian Götzendorfer is driving through the streets. They have their ‚blue album‘ with them and tell, that they will publish new material the week after, including a track about business cell phones.

Coming from Brighton, Esben and the Witch played for example at DasBACH before too. Tonight, they present their latest album „Hold Sacred“, starting with the beautiful opening song „The Well“. For a fan, the light is way too bright, so they dim it as far as possible, to make it cosy. After the „Marching Song“, „The Depths“ is another new one, before the fantastic „Dig Your Fingers In“ from „A New Nature“ like „The Jungle“ at the end.

The wonderful voice with the precise instruments create an atmosphere to dream and drift away. Moments that not too many came to enjoy, but the ones who arrived savor it all the more. And the posters announce the next shows at the Viper Room, that sells nice shirts too, including Sludge masters Crowbar, Brujeria and Death Before Dishonor, while EATW move on to Prague and Leipzig and Amplifest with Amenra, Celeste and Hexvessel in September.