Return of Bestia (Album 2021)

Elektryk Bestia

Eclectic Progressive Psychedelic Stoner Rock

A sound like from a video game. A musically built story like in a graphic novel. Since 2006, a band from Binghampton at the southern border of New York worked on their vision of Electronic influenced Psych Rock. Now their debut is out via Bestia Productions.

Patrick Grzelak, James Wilding and James ‘Doctor’ Tarbell are Elektryk Bestia. The title doctor automatically refers to Doctor Space. The “Return of Bestia” is a record made to create stories and visuals in your head.

It starts stomping slowly, with the synth creating the game impression and the drums going stoically. It could be a robot similar to “L’uomo Meccanico”, walking through the rain, as electronic noises imply. The title “Riding The Nebula” reminds of Tides From Nebula. The robot seems to be hiding, but the location is unclear, the basic sound far away, the guitar present.

Life Is Awaiting” takes us to a planet far away. A jungle from a fairy tale or on Dagobah. For “Nature of the Beast” a lyric video was made. It feels like the main theme for the robot like “Knight Rider” or “Rocky”. The voice is very appealing, while we roam through the reeds near a lake, unknown realm yet familiar.

In “Solar Bubbles” we have a clear piano as we climb the hill to the castle of DynaBlaster and the guitar solo marks the peak. With “Policja” we take a leap in time and place, as everything seems possible in this galaxy. The siren-like melody pictures the flashing blue light. For this one, an AMV was published.

The futuristic time travel continues to Egypt in “Piramida”. “Open Up Your Mind” has another animated video, including sounds from Hip Hop like Lil Jon and Blade, and the voice being more classic Metal again. Prodigy vibes are in the final “Color of Lightning”, accompanied by a live studio video, while we see our robot disappear on the nebula on the horizon.

Even though Elektryk Bestia has the clear Electronic component like Lawine, it has a very handmade character. And if you dare open this musical graphic novel, you can step inside the journey of the robot in your head.