Von toten Pferden (Ein schönes Lied) (Single 2023)


Alternative Rock

Like the Spreepark lies kind of ‚dead‘ in the district Treptow-Köpenick in Berlin but will be relived, the single „Von toten Pferden“ brought to you by Turbine Promotion has the ‚dead horses‘ in its title, but is very lively. 

This is because it takes energy, to talk about the climate crisis. So Treptow, named after the quarter, take the finest Alternative Rock sound and strong words like Die Ärzte, Danger Dan, Scheibsta or Tachomat, to proclaim their concerns in the current situation. 

Taken from the lyrics, the song name is well chosen and Georg Danzer’sWeisse Pferde“ come to ones mind. The pale white horse is shown on the single cover of the duo, while their neighbor Romano was sitting on a black one in his video. The typography appears like an epitaph, while pink contrasts the black and white primary colors.

The logo typography the duo has used often on their previous releases like the album „Besser als gar nicht“, even though not on the artwork probably inspired by the Spreepark of the last „Von der Zukunft vor dem Fall“. But the distinctive guitar sound comes in right in the beginning, to catch the Rock fans right away.

So the first notes remind of „The Heart Gently Weeps“ or The White Stripes, before the rhythm hits in and makes move like The Fratellis. The danceable beat is the engine like for Royal Republic, Noise Flow, Krooked Tongue or other similar acts. In combination, the two band members are sputtering of musical power like e.g. Lady’Stealer.

Serious but not resigning, Treptow take their stand. With their message packed in this ‚beautiful song‘, they continue their way. Playing for Fridays For Future, with members of Madsen, at SO36 and several open air concerts this summer, they set out to your ears as well.