EP (EP 2020)

Evil Drop

Stoner Punk Hardcore Fuzz

On the same line as Lyon, only on the opposite side of the country, Niort is situated. The city brought forth comic artists Thierry Terrasson and Ted Benoît, who worked e.g. on Blake and Mortimer inspiring Clifton. A duo like the partner Goscinny and Uderzo. Jack Cates and Reggie Hammond. Or musical symbiosis like Vazum, Intraveineuse, Riverwitch or Chaos Over Cosmos.

From the already mentioned city in western France, a „bass and drum duet“ is making the ground drone, urging the salt water back to the ocean and splitting the rocks of the alps. Evil Drop take no prisoners but roll over the landscape like a tank or heavy train. Live at Le Camji or banned on tape. Like their 2020 release simply entitled „EP“.

First the drum hits in, before the steam machine starts and nothing can hold them back anymore. The riffs at first might make think of e.g. QOTSA, but with a lot of Indie like The Hives or Royal Republic, still with the voice having a certain part of anger in it like Nick Oliveri.

Especially in „What If“, the Grunge comes more to the surface, with the deep unstoppable rolling thunder from Helmet or of course Rollins Band. The sound surface changes to let some Blues inspired fill-ins extend like from Kasabian, Muse or The Black Keys.

The minimalistic and straight attempt delivers as the head quite automatically goes with the beat like in „Feed Me“. It’s a static ambition, a literal „Toxic“ like Tape Shapes. And at the end, the „Week-end Warrior“ is awaiting. A superhero like from a comic by Rob Zombie and this is the entrance theme like „The Game“/„King Of Kings“ or a song by the master himself.

Said this, there lies a lot of power in this reduced setup. But the Evil Drop fells big oaks, blazing their sound abroad.