Kingdom Of Devotion (Single 2022)

Spitting Ibex

Electro Pop Rock

Detached from space and time lies a kingdom. A kingdom of serenity. After the final chapter of „Love Hate Fear Fate“, the story of „Dingo Jackson“, this band takes us away from those Western moments full of action to a room for peace.

Kingdom Of Devotion“ is the first single and video of the upcoming Spitting Ibex album set to be released at the end of the new year. To celebrate this release, they invite to the Porgy & Bess for a concert, that they stream online as well.

At the same time as the concert has to end, it’s the online premiere of the video. The guitar is leading the path to the inner self. Dreamy, the sound of it can remind of various other leads like from John Frusciante’sSoul To Squeeze“, getting just a little bit dreary for a second like a Metal one, to directly bring in positive feelings, transitioning to the verse.

The conciliatory direction is accompanied by some spacy alien noises. The voice is soft and takes high peaks easily. And the strong mix beautifully takes care to present all instruments equally. This harmony, Spitting Ibex transformed to the visual part too.

What first catches the eye is the bright background, due to the winter season making think of a winter wonderland or Narnia. To achieve this, the group shot at the 8K Deep Space hall of the Ars Electronica. Their costumes they chose wisely like the reduced but primary decorated, adventurous outfit of singer Tanja Peinsipp or the cape with mask of bassist Florian Jauker.

With it, he somehow appears as a kind of ninja or fighter from „300“, while the eyes of drummer Alex Distl reflect. It is surreal in an artistic way but different to the lord of surrealism Luis Buñuel. Because at the same time it is modern, even Sci-Fi, with an alien-like octopus from „Matrix“ in the back. 

The final takes us from the dark to the burning red sunlight. Again not from the Western, but more like there is someone calling us from above. 

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