Old School Violent Workout Fun

Exodus, Mortal Strike

Presented by District 19, ((szene)) Wien, Austria 20180703


There are special times in a year, where it seems all huge bands are on tour. During summer – makes sense because of the festivals and for example in November. Just within few days Cannibal Corpse, Soulfly, Brujeria, Crowbar and yet another legend are visiting Vienna – a decision of time and money.

A proper venue for this occasion is the ((szene)). And the audience in Simmering somehow in most of the times fills this place, no matter which time or day. Support comes from one local icon: Mortal Strike, featuring Rainer of Enclave on vocals. “What’s your name? Hi Thomas, I am Rainer.” The band understands to interact with the people and deliver a sweating show including some choreography. Additional to their hits like “Strike”, “Here Comes the Tank” and “For the Loud and Aggressive” they mix covers of “Phobia”, “Whiplash” and “Freibier”.

Then the Bay Area Thrashers Exodus hit the stage. Apart from all the legendary past members like Kirk Hammett (Metallica) and Paul Bostaph (also From Hell), Gary Holt is on tour with Slayer, and since the times they played at the Club Vaudeville in Lindau, Rob Dukes left and Steve Souza is back. Who by the way played with The King Must Die, band of music video director Mike Sloat who worked with Testament, Machine Head and many more. As the band announced on Facebook, it is “friendly violent fun” for the audience but the band seems pretty happy too. “This is a workout for the security.” Souza asserts because of the crowd-surfers and as he announced, the show is “a lot of Old School”. Mostly from “Bonded by Blood”, but also songs like “Parasite” or “Toxic Waltz” from 89s “Fabulous Disaster” and in the beginning “Blood in Blood out” are part of the setlist, peaking in the “Strike of the Beast”.