4 in 6 – better than each one alone

The Boys You Know, Telquist

Two Lines That Never Touch Release Show, Flex Vienna, Austria 20180629


Funny thing when you go to the same club the second time a week, and the security there thinks you have a doppelganger. After La Coka Nostra on Tuesday, the Flex hosts the Release show of one of the most productive Austrian Indie Rock bands.

As support, the German formation Telquist climbs the stage. It is the solo project of Sebastian Eggerbauer from Regensburg, but as they perform, it clearly appears to be a band project, as all members seem to feel what they are doing. The songs from “Strawberry Fields” like “Himmelblau” or “If The Bomb” might be the reason Telquist got signed by Wohzimmer Records, who recently also signed Magic Delphin.

Even more members from the Wohnzimmer family will appear on stage for the show of The Boys You Know, of whom Telquist reveal themselves as fans. Just a year ago they performed outside the Flex, before that at the B72 or at the Rockhouse and FS1 studio at Salzburg or at the poolbar festival with The Pixies. The description for the event made the sound of the new record interesting – Folk with World music. And what was heard this evening was their best show so far, maybe because of the PA system, the choir or because it was just amazing in general. Starting with older songs like “Teenager Of The Year”. During every break, frontman Tom raises a laugh (in German): “This song is to Wake Up… and one in the audience goes aaaahh…” “This is a love song for someone I like.” “Much of the record was written in Barcelona. This song is about Barcelona. It’s called Barcelona.”

The choir that helps in some songs consists of PÆNDA, Christina Horn and Rian, remembering of other awesome choir appearances like Sólstafir or Satyricon. The Boys You Know thank their people who are not on stage with an “I Can’t Live Without You”-Cover. The announced encore then also features “All The Other Kids” with multi-instrumentalist Stefan on mouth harp. As said, greatest gig, only drawback the little audience.