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MQ Hofmusik Ghettoblasterkonzert, Museumsquartier Wien, Austria 20180705


The Museumsquartier Wien is not only known as venue for wonderful concerts of for example King Crimson in the hall and the Wiener Philharmoniker outside, but also they are open for new ideas. Oliver Hangl (Wiener Beschwerdechor) stages a new concept: the Ghettoblasterkonzert.

After the first attempt had to be rescheduled, the second evening ist just perfect to sit outside and enjoy the first band taking part in this experiment. Viech are playing live, but without any PA. The sound can be heard on Ghettoblasters and other Radios, as they have rent a frequency for this day. And without talking about the bush: the concept works and is definitely “Zukunftsmusik”.

Coming to the band. Viech have been known as band from Styria they tell themselves, but all of them live in Vienna know. In Simmering to be more precise. And so they tell stories about having the practice room there and about the cafés. Singer Paul Plut, who released his solo record “Lieder vom Tanzen und Sterben” last year and played e.g. as support of Matt Boroff, also tells a story about a delegation of animals, which visits Vienna and the natural history museum. But they get stuck in the first floor with the rocks. And spend the rest of day the smashing the windows of all fraternities.

The concert ones more reveals Paul’s individual style of playing the guitar and solos and his singing that varies from whispering to shouting. Therefore in some way it makes one think of fingerpicking artist Peter Ratzenbeck. At the same time it feels like watching a Punk band, thinking about the louder songs like the new single “Ich hab viele Fehler gemacht”. In the yard of the Museumsquartier, the music even gets some kids dancing and crawling close to the stage as some time ago at the Open Hair Festival. Great concept, great band, great evening.