Another Dreiraum Punkrock Birthday Party

Mindblind, Glue Crew, Max Schabl und das Volk der Mäuse

10 Jahre Sussbois Geburtstagsparty at Arena Wien – Dreiraum, Austria 20230310

It’s Friday night and the weekend calls for live action. At the Arena, one can not only have a drink at the Beisl, but choose between two concerts this evening: at the big hall, Knorkator party with their crowd, while at the Dreiraum, a Punkrock band from Mattersburg celebrates its 10th anniversary. 

For this occasion, they invited two guest formations. Number one is Max Schabl und das Volk der Mäuse, an ‚Austropoplegend in training‘. They have a new single out that somehow makes think of Dave and talk about Mario Kart or being a „Klana Bua“ like Georg Danzer. Then they tell about a Walls Of Jericho concert when ‚Nobody catched this guy‘ before more dynamic songs like „Atlantis“ or „Es wird scho wieder besser werden“ remind of Rebell Bagatell

The fun with some politic comments in it continues with Glue Crew from Salzburg. Not too long ago, they appeared at the Beisl, and this year, they can look back on ten years of existence as well as the pope, as they tell. Especially the song about walking with a laptop and „Bleib nid so wiesd bist“ stand out in their set, like the the one calling themselves a boyband, that will be part of their upcoming album recorded at Studio Nord Bremen. And the next shows with for example Franz Fuexe are already planned.

Like the DeeCRACKS had their Sweet Sixteen at the Dreiraum, Mindblind choose the place to review their first decade as a band. But also to look into the future, as they have a new single too named „Wos is passiert“ and they announce a new album for May. They deliver a frolic show, even though the highlight is a quiet acoustic moment dedicated to a friend. And other fellow musicians like from SEBi! and Spatzenhirn mingled with the audience, to enjoy the (live-) qualities of this package and sold out anniversary show.