Break Your Heart (Single 2021)

Far From Autumn

Grunge Punk

“[You] don’t see the seasons change anymore.” It’s sentence like those, which grab your attention and sensitise, as it’s times like those, when it actually feels like everything is kind of stuck.

Now the band with the season in its name when it gets gloomier, Far From Autumn, presents their answer in the form of their first single. Far From Autumn, that is Alfie of NoBack Booking on vocals and guitar, Peter on guitar, Marius on drums and finally Q the Kid of Empty Wallet and The Dead Wallstreeters on bass.

Q is also responsible for the mastering of “Break Your Heart”, which the group produced completely DIY at their rehearsal room. Scenes from there can be seen in the music video, that shows performance shots in colour and other sequences in black and white. Two basically simple but always interesting approaches to have studio footage and the usage of colour, looking at videos of Finn Parker, Vibratör, Instinct Hate, Shouting At Clouds or WhoCares.

Who knows the band from their live appearances and extensive setlists, might be surprised, as the single is no fast Punk song but a slower Grunge tune, that wins from this pace.  The guitars come aloud and rough, making think of other first releases like from Saron Gas or Late!.

It seems bit symptomatic, that exactly on the same day, The Offspring as one of the classics has a new visualizer video out too. The release is under a good sign and anyway, Far From Autumn is a band you will hear a lot of in the future.

Their first single makes curious which might be the next record, and when the seasons change again, they will be at Pirates Days with The Rumperts, Glue Crew, Discorrected, Rebell Bagatell, Here For A Reason and many more.