Pari shōkōgun (Album 2024)

Feathers and Greed

Psychedelic Art Rock

Two feathers, one on the top, one below. Kind of hand-drawn, both look a little bent like With Broken Wings. In the middle is an eye like on the logo of Minds Garden. Wide open, like it wants everything. Full of appetite, full of greed. 

Those three parts stand for Feathers and Greed, a Psych Progressive Rock formation evolving from Hanover / Bremen. Their first eight songs came out on their self-titled debut. Now they banned the next eight on tape at Institut für Wohlklangforschung. On the cover, a building is in the fog like in „Un flic“. And they have given the second album the title „Pari shōkōgun“ – Paris syndrome

Between album one and two, they also released a live session of „Galaxies I“ and „Galaxies II“, of which the last is the opener. „Daisies of the Galaxy“, The Asteroid Galaxy Tour, noone got it closer to outta space like Feathers and Greed, beginning with the buzzing tone, the severaly voices and the trance-like percussion.

For the single „Nine“, a lyric video as part of a project in university was created. With the lick in „Hidden Interest“, a little Indie taste joins, repealed by the solo and vocals, bringing in more Classic Rock with organ and strings. So it is no wonder that „Grey Harvest“ reminds of Prog and Heavy masters Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath.

But not enough, you can hear more big names if you like. „To Be Honest“ sounds bit like Nirvana, then The Makings and finally close to the end even bit like Tool. For the mystical notes like Mose in „255 0 0“ – the RGB color code for red – another video was done – in black and white. 

Crush“ then has a beautiful classic vibe again with strumming and fade out, while „Hometown“ gets quite serious like Jana Draka as closing track. And so people can enjoy it live, Feathers and Greed play two release shows at their hometowns.