Outstanding Refrains and Heavy Riffs

Tremonti, The Raven Age, Disconnected

A Dying Machine Tour presented by Mind Over Matter Music, SIMMCity Vienna, Austria 20181113


There are so many subgenres in Hard Rock and Metal music. And it doesn’t always have to be as extreme as possible to have a lot of fun. And also if one prefers the dark basements, it is fairly fine to see this show at the ballroom SIMMCity.

Already the first act is a blast: Disconnected is the name that makes think of Rollins Band. It is the first tour of the group. The comparison with Gojira doesn’t only make sense because of their origin from France, but also because of the high level at which they are doing their thing. Finest modern melodic Metal. Plus they are close to the audience and can jump very high and synchronous.

The Raven Age, who played the Nova Rock Festival this year are up next. Apart from their sovereign musical and interactive performance, the show of Jai Patel on the drums is worth to watch, as the stick is flying permanently. Taking a closer look on the stand-up displays, the motive could be a raven on the one hand, or a face or a mask on the other.

Headliner is the Alternative Metal institution Tremonti. The band around Alter Bridge and Creed guitarist Mark Tremonti gained high assessments for the debut “All I Was” and gigs at e.g. the Rock In Vienna. Now they are back with their fourth record already called “A Dying Machine” (for which a novel was released similar like Stone Sour‘s “House of Gold & Bones” or Relit‘s “Remember, Remember“). The tour for the concept album even leads people from Croatia to travel to Vienna, what gets rewarded by hanging their flag on the amp. Guitarist Eric Friedman plays with a broken rip, and the drumsticks are flying high again. The band still got the special mixture of outstanding refrains combined with heavy metal riffs. The people love to clap with it, and cool thing that the band “are not the guys who let you wait five minutes” and play the encore directly. A great show, only if someone wants to pay twenty euros more just to meet Mark after the show, everybody has to decide for oneself.