Always making First Contact (and getting lost in the Sound)

LILI, Yakata

Red Sun EP Release Show, B72 Vienna, Austria 20171205


The weather gets rougher in the capital of Austria. The wind is blowing, and the temperature is lets say not that pleasant anymore. But with the subway it is easy to reach the B72, to check out two up and coming bands, one of them even celebrating their EP release.

As support, a newly formed group with the name Yakata climbs the boards of the stage. The people do hold a little distance at first, but the room gets filled until the back. It is only the second concert for the four guys so far. They say it a bit like an apology, but for the listener the performance just seems to fit greatly. It is a kind of Synthie Pop Rock they play, that needs few moments to get into, as it is not that usual. But when you reach the point, the only pity is, that the songs itself feel a bit short, because every time at the peak they are done. But that is a good sign after all.

The inviting band this night is LILI from the wonderful city called Graz. The slide guitar gets already a lot of attention before they start, as well as their own light equipment built out of carton. The Pink Floyd-Intro (with a big proportion of the slider) is the first highlight already. They then perform a really awesome and unique kind of Rock show, they themselves put under Skygazing, melancholic, danceable and with a lot of emotions coming over. Also the songs from their new EP released via Phonotron “Red Sun” are of course part of the show, where especially the completely amazing “First Contact” is another highlight.

To summarize, if you like cool Indie Rock with Psychedelic, Melancholic and Synthie influences, you should keep an eye on both of this bands. For sure there will be heard more anyway.