Belter Skelter (EP 2022)

Fiesta Forever

Indie Rock

In the year 2019, a band saw the light of day. Now, three years later, their debut EP is finished. Recorded at The Mushroom Studio, out via Hinterhof Records / Believe Music and promoted by Rola Music, it is set to bring some fresh wind to the alleys of Indie Rock.

There is actually no other band, that could use a WordArt-logo like Fiesta Forever. On the cover of „Belter Skelter“, they use psychedelic colors and elements. The title is an obvious dependence on the Beatles song „Helter Skelter“ from the ‘White Album‘. And like the pioneers, the focus of the young and wild is on crisp beats and fine guitars.

In Vain“ is the name of the straight opener, bringing in all the memories of Mando Diao or the Arctic Monkeys and featuring a refrain that with some speed is made to sing with in a club. The sound in „The Fire“ first is like dropping water. A little bit more calm tune, for the lovers to sway with and again with the grasp for a big chorus.

The first and most catchy single is „Volcano“, again with a lot of input of classics like Pete Doherty’s Libertines and Babyshambles. On the back wall in the video directed by Alexander A. Girardi, the fairy lights are blinding bright in the dark and red setting. As the drums are decent yet concise, a part works greatly only with the bass.

In „Paralysed“, Fiesta Forever talk about how „we keep overestimating our own importance, but the earth is turning without us as well.“ It earns the term of a groove monster, while this time the video shows old movie scenes reminding of e.g. „The Giant Claw“, like Birds Of Nazca or The Boy I Used To Be had similar ‚found footage‘ clips too.

Fiesta Forever fulfill this strong debut with „Life Is What You Make It“. Another great Rock song like form Danko Jones or Royal Republic, with a perfectly cool bridge.