In Vain (Single 2022)

Fiesta Forever

Contemporary Alternative Indie Rock

With a remarkable continuity, Eels releases records. Like this January 28th, „Extreme Witchcraft“ is the sixteenth already while Shoun Shoun publish “Monsters & Heroes” via Memphia. And six years ago, another genius mind brought „The Hateful 8“ to cinemas in Austria. And right there, the Filmmuseum pays homage to the composer, while a young band potters about Indie music, that could be part of another Western fancying modern Rock like Q used Welshly Arms.

Rola Music (Pale Male, A Mess, Old Mrs. Bates) presents the new single „In Vain“ by Fiesta Forever out via Hinterhof Records. After „Volcano“ and „Life Is What You Make It“, it is their third official release. Since they published acoustic versions on Facebook and at the miss Soundzimmer of the first two ones, this new one directly invites to a Gürtel club’s dancefloor like B72 or Kramladen where they played before.

It’s the typical riff, that fetches immediately, like from meanwhile classic Golden Reef. The drums are present and summon to come along to the catchy chorus. That is the heart of the song and makes it the hymn it is, simply something to dance to and celebrate. In the middle part, the guitars get more into focus, besides the rhythm, that is very likely to be heard from Magic Delphin as well.

After a final refrain, a solo ends the song in front of a Chevrolet SUV in the music video, just like Peter Ratzenbeck sat on his Land Rover or Fleks burned their Audi. For FF, it brings in the American aspect, but more before „big cities, lawyers and computers with your names in them“, as they find themselves in a landscape similar to the plains. There they have heavy drinks and play Jass

Changing the location to a soccer field, they add the BritPop flavour, posing for a team foto. The electricity for the already mentioned solo, they then get directly from the wind wheel, to end the song the Rock’n’Roll way.