At the club, with a soul

NYAM, Ivery

„Papers Waiting“ Album Release Show, B72 Vienna, Austria 20220902

The weather slowly rings in autumn. Iggy Pop visits the Konzerthaus, Flirtmachine graces the Kramladen, Vulvarine, Viech and more build the line-up for the Stromklang Festival at Das Werk and Bankrupt reveal the face of the „Hungarian Satan“. And at the legendary arch of the B72, a band pulls out all the stops for their album release show.

For this event, they could win a very special act as support. Ivery made her stage debut in May at the Loop. Tonight, she has a beautiful set of seven meshing songs, starting with „Wings“ and „How Does It Feel“, the song she got her iconic outfit from. At her back, she got Georg Buxhofer (Hornhub, Norbert Schneider) on bass, Felix Reischl (Norbert Schneider, Lemo) on guitar and Michael Schatzmann (Lemo, Lofi Sofa) on drums. A highlight is the light-hearted song, that actually talks about her fears with the working title „Thunderstorms“. Number four is „Danny“, which will be released as single in three weeks, followed by „Lost Dreams“ and „Believer“. As touching encore, Ivery plays „Little Bluebird“ alone. With her outstanding voice and the great arrangements, she can win everyone’s heart.

Subsequent, the reason for tonight’s celebration follows. NYAM is proud to present „Papers Waiting“, their record containing seven songs ranging from Indie Pop and Rock to some Lounge and Swing to Funk, R’n’B and Neosoul. The colorful artwork is created by Anna Stauber, and for this event, the five-piece has expanded. With two background singers featuring Cecilia Cadman from their single „Up 2 U“, they start accapella, and with „A Little Less Conversation“ fill-in. Their lyrics talk about journeys and interpersonal topics as well as conflicts. At a point, Michael Schatzmann who did the mixing of the record also returns to the stage. With this joyful concert at this remarkable club, there is nothing left to do.