Stupid Happiness (Single 2022)

Black Cherry Marble

Fusion of intense comfort and electrifying music

Shortly after DuoLia. came around the corner with „Pretty Ugly“ and Yunger with a new travel video, another two-piece presents its fourth single in total. Number one „Misty Mountain“ was followed by the outstanding „I’d Make You A Space“, some „Moon Balloon Sessions“ and later „Beautifully Amazing“, even containing a taste of Motörhead and Ennio Morricone

For 2022, Gabi and Julia aka Black Cherry Marble have two songs on the way. Both they produce with Julian Berann (Alice Phoebe Lou, Gazelle & the Bear), and the first is entitled „Stupid Happiness“. With Florian Faltner (Soia, Pale Male) on bass, it talks about the art of letting go all stress and find oneself in a swirl of fooling around.

It starts off with a Folk Country guitar and some of the typical noises BCM like to use for little sparkles. This quickly makes think of Peter Ratzenbeck and Razorlight with a bit of sliding. The sound has something light-hearted like the Psychedelic Blues of Sam Gopal or The Black Hollies.

As the soft voice of Julia joins, the colorful musical picture extends, bringing in DIIV and Peter The Human Boy. Just like the solo played in beautiful tradition of John Frusciante, not overcasting but enriching. The bridge then leads to an extended outro as well, similar to Ivery for example.

The video for the song works with emotional images, with fire and colors. We see hands moving and touching, candles burning and melting. A plate with ice cream can be a playful source like a club situation and dancing objects. Moving like this is a universal expression of joy, as clowns can be (used in Scheibsta’sBubble“ too), and a toy car is fun of course. 

In addition, video artist Julia splices in slugs and wild boars at a point. Watching again, there is more and more to be found. „Stupid Happiness“ is an „ode to acting a fool“ that hops and dances with marvelous melodies, accompanied by visuals transporting the mood.