Deafening Underground

Hard Charger, Saccage

„Imprecation over Europe ’24“ Tour at Arena Beisl Erdberg Wien, Austria 20240602

Sunday, begin of June. The week has been loaded with opportunities. Black Pyramid, Violent Way, Onk Lou, The Rumperts, Slaughter Messiah and Mo Cess are just few names that played. And at the Arena Beisl, the Gnarathon climaxed with Kobudai

This night, the yard turns mainly black like back with Northern Revival while Crucifix comes from the speakers. Three bands are announced. But the bad news make the round quickly. Opener Nowitschok-5 unfortunately cannot perform due to voice problems of their singer. The Grind Punk outfit recently premiered at 3Raum alongside Sedem Minút Strachu, USNU? and Castingcouch and are related to Urban Misery. Hopefully we can see them next time. 

Coming from Québec like Thrashers Meet The Mailman, Saccage soundcheck with „Allô“ followed by growls from all microphones. Their Blackened Grinding Death songs like „Perversion-Déchéance“ cheer up tired spirits. In others, they rant against the police. And yet others of their French lyrics, they translate the meaning with ‚drink or die‘ before ‚fuck off and die‘ and thank the crowd for listening to those. 

This fantastic relentless energy continues with the ‚reckless and nihilistic Rock’n’Roll‘ or Crust’n’Roll by tour partners Hard Charger from Fredericton. Their discography comprises four full-length albums including the latest „Bad Omens“ and „Vol.4: Take The Guff and Suffer“. 

Live, the three different screams, the pace and maniac expressions will stay in mind and the groove, that thunders throught the audience. And the great twin pack from Canada continues its journey of ‚Imprecation over Europe‘ in Bratislava, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Bologna, Lausanne and Paris

At the Beisl, the evening fades out with Black Flag. On the current flyer a diverse programm features names like Sunstate Of Mind, Lee Van Cleef, Unidad Ideologica, Baron Crâne, Los Flixs, Of Kings and Villains and more.