Honesty in a modern guise

Gerard, Schönbrunner Gloriettenstürmer

AAA Tour 2017 presented by Beat the Fish, WUK Wien, Austria 20171215


When it comes to Rap and Hip Hop, my favourites are Old School heroes like Ice-T, N.W.A. and 2Pac, from Germany it is Samy Deluxe, from Switzerland Brandhärd, and from Austria Penetrante Sorte. And so exploring new artists in this genre always is something special.

There is one name, everybody seems to know at the moment in Austria. And when a friend recommends you to go to the concert, because he has already seen him 16! times so far, of course you have to give it a try. But before the main act, a group called the Schönbrunner Gloriettenstürmer plays the stage at the WUK. The three of them score with their polyphonic singing and move between the Backstreet Boys, something like Eros Ramazzotti and Helene Fischer. Their style of Schlager music might be somehow modern, still it would fit in any Hansi Hinterseer show.

After this surprising sound, Gerard presents his style of modern Hip Hop. He totally hits the nerve of the time, concerning the sound, but also the lyrics. About “Luftlöcher”, he tells the story that he was watching the refugees across the street, feeling bad because his problem at the moment was his iPod. During “Atme die Stadt” from “Blausicht” he made with OK Kid, he animates the audience to loudness battles between the left and right side, stating that with the left wing party in the government, we wouldn’t have some problems.

It is his honesty, which makes him that likable. Also his energy is great, he literally needs the whole space on the stage for his running and jumping up and down. The three musicians next to him really seem to enjoy the show too, and the logo in the back is an eye-catcher. More Highlights are “Alles Jetzt”, “Konichiwa” and especially “Nichts”.