A Great Recommendation – but what about the name?

Soviet Soviet, Gran, Substance

Presented by Ultraviolence Records, Kramladen Wien, Austria 20171212


The Kramladen is one of the smaller venues at the Vienna Beltway. Small, but atmospheric, so it is always a pleasure to come here. And when over one hundred already confirmed for the event, it will be crowded.

Therefor you arrive there as early as possible, so before the first act, there is enough time for a beer. Vigorously, the band Substance then puts their dark and beautiful music on your ears. The two-piece also comes up with nice grunge parts, and the only problem is, that it is way too loud. Especially the guitar, so you can’t really hear the voice, what is a pity.

Then Gran, one man and his friend, the backing track, that in the beginning even sounds like some birds singing, enters the stage and instantly speaks clear words: ”I hate you.” Thinking of Henry Rollins immediately. Other lyrics contain “I’m always sick on holidays”, “Where is he every day” and suitable to the beginning, the end is similar cynical with “No light in the dark room”, accompanied by a storm of effects. The weird and thrilling sound offers the great opportunity, to think of own stories to the lyrics and another crazy combo named Riverwitch.

The reason for the visit this night was the recommendation of a Mexican friend: Soviet Soviet, the friendly alternative indie post punk maestros from Italy. It happens in seconds, that you start to dance, thinking they are the better Placebo. Maybe especially because of the voice, but with a younger touch like Blink-182. “Endless Beauty” from last year’s record is definitely one highlight, but also for example “Introspective Trip” from the celebrated predecessor “Fate” lets you move with a smile. Funny fact, this year they couldn’t go to the US because they thought they’re illegal, so thankfully they were here, and just left one question: What about their name?


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