Beautiful tones at the living room


vogelfreiRAUM Rankweil, Austria 20211105

After the youth and music scene of Feldkirch was forced to relocate at Hugo Pansen, just to make place for lecture rooms and another modern venue, in Rankweil a new living room has opened, the vogelfreiRAUM. Close to the Hörnlingen, right in the center, it is similar cosy like e.g. the Chybulski, ProKonTra or Between.

The band of this night Mose is known for its outstanding live performances like at the Open Hair, the Saumarkt or online and its famous band members. For example Thomas Keckeis together with Joe Blocher and Tibor Naphegyi (The Burning Rosettas, Deadass Dobro) is in Blue Monday Blues Band (where he usually wears a gallows rope instead of the tie and a sticker is right at the after show location Shamrock). Charlie Müllner  crafted the legendary Never Do Well record together with Bernie Weber (Twist Of Fate, Schellinski) and Johannes Kremmel in 1989, works at the Musikladen and writes about likes of Tape Moon and Deadbeatz.

As we hear and learn in the salutation, Mose usually rehearse in the upper floor. After their recent gig at the Löwen Tisis together with Inverno, they announced a different setlist. They like to play blocks of songs for example about „friends, who have so much to do with each other so they don’t talk anymore“. Everything is with their characteristic percussion, soft voices and instruments like the ukulele, banjo, trumpet and glockenspiel. 

But the bass can get heavy and loud too or be even replaced by a saw. Let things fall with the right timing is another way to create a rhythm. Apart from their latest releases „Verklingt“ and „Film Musik“, they published „20 Golden Greats“ as their alter ego The Mose Magic Band including songs like „Creep/Time to say goodbye“. 

From that one, their version of „I love Rock’n’Roll“ is part of the encore, that ends another wonderful Mose live experience at Vorarlberg’s youngest living room vogelfreiRAUM. A bluesy experimental chamber music, mostly quiet yet deeply intense giving you goose bumps.