Kaufhaus (Album 2020)




It has become a weird world we are living in with all the consumption, digital avatars and climate discussions. And right to this world, an Electro Pop duo sends out their satirical view on the development.

Lawine name Grossstadtgeflüster and Frittenbude as influentials, but their humor makes think of Alexander Marcus too. Their message they bring down to the point like XTC on their “Go 2record cover. A strike against every part of our consumer society from influencers with not enough time to trends of cheapest short distance flights. And all of it with a beat-driven, danceable sound to fall into, mixing different musical categories, coming out as weird on purpose like nowadays world.

The sound in the beginning associates outer space and the topic of “Bonuscard” is clear immediately: discounts. But also strings are used, before a great refrain drives forward reminding of Flut’s 80s style. A big Deichkind reference lies within “Gebrauchsanweisung”. The title is on point again, but in more detail you find out, that things you don’t need might get sense through the manual and the other way around, you need a manual for things like breaking off with someone. This one would work in Rammstein-style as well.

Businesswelt” comes with a cheerful and happy instrumental, in contrast to the lyrics about burning out, just like Guadalajara or Fountains Of Wayne. “Clicks” got a synthie melody until it breaks to the chorus, and telling about the longing of getting “out of the house – completely un-pixelated.” The first video was for “Discofieber”, of course sounding like 80s Van Halen or Europe, while Otto is dancing. They broach the loss of listening the own music, what led to events like Disco-In. The sayings from the takeaways in “Fast Food” are quite known, in contrast to the trend sports in “Stadtsport”. “Reisebüro” brings in distorted guitars, and “Safe The Energy” a nice break on top. Talking about fair trade champagne, it is ironically well imaginable at a club.

The final “Diktator” could be another Rob Zombie Industrial heavy tune, oppressive but again still danceable. Lawine hold up the mirror to society where everyone finds himself in some way and do music on the pulse of the time. Live they will be at Coco Bar with Katze Stephan in April.