From Pongau to The City to The World

Glue Crew

Rockhouse Club Session Live Stream, Salzburg, Austria 20210407

From the fantastically lands of Southern Salzburg, where the big water masses fall deep and the fortress protects the frozen world inside the earth, comes a band. And while Hanseplatte and Groove City Records tell their story online, Fokis is completely in VR and the World of Metal Festival and Saliva are yet to come, they bring the joy form the Rockhouse like soon Karg as well.

Later, the Black Peaks will stream as well and both will totally fall in place. But first, Glue Crew, the formation of now four guys is freestyling backstage as the countdown is going and announcing the show to begin. After a short intro, they start with the title track of their new record “Mundartpunk Forever”, followed by “Geniale Dilettanten”. Pretty much of their set will be from the new one, but not all of it.

They introduce their audience to their new drummer Benni from 3deutige Aussage and Green Chilis and their new guitarist Andi alias HRST from Day X Night, responsible for great soundtracks like in “Johnny Unsaddled” as well. About “Marilena”, that sounds bit similar to “Don’t let me be misunderstood”, they tell its about traveling, wanderlust and love, and on “Sommerhit”, they miss the rapper Amun Mcee.

With “Pongauer Pixn”, they present their version of The Clash’sGuns of Brixton”, used by e.g. Die Toten Hosen and Cypress Hill as well. One of the favorites is “DIY Or Die”, which kind of caches the band’s essence. From their split with Checking Line they play “Tequila Tampons” and “San Andreas” as well as final one after “Sink Salzburg Sink”.

All of this once more was greatly captured by Attic Films with nice perspectives and dolly shots and using for examples the plants on stage as foreground. A great start to dive happily into this night and hopefully soon the Glue Crew will be on stage at Pirates Days, but before El Fetzn is at Show Your Talent.