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Black Peaks

Live From Brighton Centre Stream presented by Audiotree, Brighton, UK 20210407

It is the streaming night of the week with two concerts perfectly shifting into each other. As warm-up, the Glue Crew rocks in Salzburg, before the masters of Heavy Progressive send their show from the UK.

Two amazing records the Black Peaks have put out so far, both being grand from the beginning to the end. Their approach sometimes gets close to likes of Canvas, Svalbard, Victims and False King. Since they played in Vienna, some times has passed. On YouTube, there are other gigs to find. But this one official has an superior quality, as many will confirm in the comments.

Shortly before the start, there is some advertisement for likes of Greta Van Fleet. Then the empty hallways of the Brighton Centre lead to the beautiful set where the band plays. The tables and seats are empty as well, but the stage shines bright with towers and bulbs.

As first song, they chose the great “Aether”, as the comments go “Some level of production here”. The song “King” came out as single, so “we finally get to hear it live”. The voice of singer Will is outstanding like in the beautiful “Drones”, followed by “Can’t Sleep” with its huge riff.

The light lets the protagonists partly appear as silhouettes in “The Midnight Sun”, reminding a bit of Biffy Clyro. “It’s better production than some studio albums” one notices during “Home”, before “Saviour” marks another highlight. As final one, they picked “Say You Will” with an incredible bass, making think of Second Relation.

There would have been a lot more tracks, which would have been nice to hear. But to see and hear these songs in this quality was a great pleasure enough. And apart from shirts and posters, the concert can be now bought on vinyl as well.