Never Know Me (Single 2022)

Good Morning Yesterday

Indie Pop

Welcoming the future and respecting the past are not always the easiest tasks. But there is a new star on the Indie Pop heaven, that forgivingly says „Hello“ to history in its band name.

Good Morning Yesterday is the melodious call sign of the five-piece from Mainz at the Rhine. With their last single „The Look“, they worked with some 80s synthie groove similar to likes of Greyshadow, Lightts and Magic Delphin. Now with their new one „Never Know Me“, they added some other facets to their musical style.

Basically the song is a mix from two main influences. While the verses have a very modern R’n’B feeling like „Frontin’“ or even „Growing Pains“, the refrain again has a somehow vintage touch like from Classic Rock. The funky result makes think of Moby, Vulfpeck or admirers like 2seedsleft or Hello Sally

The singing is pretty soft and with several voices at some point. Main concern of the lyrics is the topic of being judged by others and aging: „They will never be this young again“. Due to the instruments and the usage of keys, more Jazz formations like e.g. Pale Male come to ones mind. And in the music video, they even pick up another philosophy.

Because of the climate and the increasing traffic, more and more try to travel sustainably by train or by bike. So in the music video, GMY hits the pedals in front of a green screen. As backgrounds, they inserted houses, a highway and nature images like mountains and rocks. 

During the chorus, they fly through outer space, and later, they drive through house valleys. And finally during the bridge, clouds pass the blue sky. So the matter of time is in the name Good Morning Yesterday, as well as in the song lyrics and in the trash style music video, that completes this timeless Indie Pop carol.