A Package For All Prog Heads Hearts

Mastodon, Kvelertak, Baroness

Presented by Barracuda Music and Mind Over Matter Music, Arena Wien Open Air, Austria 20220627

Open air concerts have got something magical, and one of the best locations for those is the Arena Wien. Between the big hall and the Beisl, there is space for 3000 people to enjoy like of Beck and Franz Ferdinand or the outstanding tour package of this night.

Baroness point out as well, that probably the audience does not even realize, how amazing this venue is and that it is one of the greatest in the world. And they just played at for example Rock The Castle. Between their phenomenal Prog hits like „Take My Bones Away“ and „March to the Sea“ from the „Yellow & Green“ record, „The Sweetest Curse“, „Rays on Pinion“ and more, they thank the Arena team and the fans for showing up.

With their likeable manner, it is no wonder, they are friends with Kvelertak and John Baizley did artworks for the Norwegian Hardcore Black’n’Roll monsters. Their headliner tour with Planet of Zeus and Blood Command unfortunately was cancelled. But so this evening is the perfect chance to see the songs from the latest album „Splid“ and classic smashers like „Bruane Brenn“ and „Blodtørst” live. The topic of the ‚new‘ lead vocalist might be still a topic, but Ivar Nikolaisen performs with a load of energy, so the show is great fun and the pit is going.

Headliners of this package are Mastodon. They appear on festivals as well as they will tour together with Ghost soon. And they have a new record out too entitled „Hushed and Grim“. So their set consists mostly of new tracks like „Teardrinker“ to promote the album, but older ones like „Megalodon“ and „Blood and Thunder“ from „Leviathan“ are not missing either. Which band of those three is the most important to oneself might vary, but without a doubt, it is an amazing line-up to be found.