Movin fast (Single 2021)

Pale Male feat. Soia

Hip Hop, Jazz, Neosoul

After colder and rainy days, summer has arrived. And so has another single of a very ambitious new album promoted by Rola Music, containing explosive instrumental work, several notable feature artists and a lot of feeling delivered through Hip Hop Neosoul Jazz and R&B.

With Jahson the Scientist and Misses U, two interesting guests already could be heard on “Shortcuts”. This time Pale Male invited none other than Soia to sing on “Movin fast”. The year before, she released “G’schichtn aus’m Wiener” with Fabian Belle Fin, which they presented in front of the Vollpension.

In this brand-new song, the musicians indulge the summer feelings, spreading good sunny vibes like Rap icons DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, 2Pac, DTP, JaRule or locals Robb and Almost Famous. The lyrics speak of changes and thoughts like “If I knew then what I know now”. On the cover art, we see withered flowers in a squashed can, while the sun is held outside.

This reminds of litter at even holy places. In the video again we have ambivalent signs, as Paul Malisch and Soia spend time with typical outside activities in a park but on concrete grounds, with the nature of the Viennese hills of wine in the background on the one, and the Millenium Tower on the other side.

Those grounds with loading ramps and even rails have this industrial charm, which is popular for music videos. The contrast of cypress trees in front of prefabricated buildings is nicely photographed by video producers KNIFF. They were responsible for the “Time To Leave”-Clip as well, using locations like the power station Nussdorf and train station.

As the title is in a bright yellow, even “Heavy Metal Hitchhiker” comes to ones mind, yet another contrast. Song and video therefor transport a light summer breeze feeling yet thoughtful as well, bringing nature to the city and distributing it from the northern outskirts all over the place.