Devotionally waiting and delightfully shaking

Kendler w/ Feinz Hischer

Alltagshelden EP Release, Fluc, Vienna, Austria 2017-04-18


Release shows usually are very exiting events for fans as well as for the band. So this evening causes a great euphoria within the people coming to the Fluc. The reason is the release of the first EP of Kendler, entitled “Alltagshelden”.

As support, the ambitious group Feinz Hischer, apparently named after the former Austrian president Heinz Fischer, climbs the stage boards. What starts as something like a mixture of the Shaft and Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack, soon shows way more facets. Somewhere between Basement Jaxx and Mr. Oizo or even Prodigy, these three guys perform an awesome Instrumental Live Electronic sound, as they call it. Did you ever think what a steel bar could be good for in this music genre? Standing like one from a Metalcore band, this guitarist shows you.

After this outstanding enjoyment, the guys make place for Kendler. They created a style somewhere between Dance Music, Jazz and Rock ‘n’ Roll and called it Instrumental Beat Music. And the beat is everywhere, in the incredible double bass of Martin Burk, the saxophone and synthesizer of Aaron Hader and of course the drums and electronics of Michael Schatzmann. The three of them clearly are masters of their instruments, and their sound is just unbelievably enthralling. Especially who thinks about playing a distorted sax and playing a synth at the same time? Also their whole bodies go with the music, a moving marks every beat. Watching the audience from the side, you can see that everyone follows their example, shaking so you can see the music run through the room.

And as the beat drops for the break in “Yoko Mono”, the people are all quiet, waiting devotional and curious while the sax plays its notes, and the hole track comes back again. Two more great things are the unpredictability of this group, as well as their delight, that merges with the audience.