Justice In The Night (Album 2022)

Grim Justice

Hard & Heavy Metal

The theme world of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal might sometimes look bizarre from the outside. Darkness and horror dominate the imagery as well as often the lyrics. But behind all that evil there is often a light, as we will see later on.

For Grim Justice, „Justice in the Night“ is their third album. The ‚Grim‘ reminds of Grim Reaper or The Gebruder Grim, while the ‚Justice‘ brings up an iconic album using Lady Justice on the cover as well. On this artwork, next to her a skull reaches out the hand, similar to the hands on „No Dice“. 

Musically, the four-piece delivers pure and hand-made Heavy Metal. From the first note it is clear, that they have done all their homework. In the compact opener, they demonstrate all key features: cool riffs with straight beats and sophisticated use of several voices like Night Viper.

For the single „Curse Of The Moon“, they published a music video next to live ones from replugged and Aera with several layers. Singer Michela wakes up surrounded by bottles, another image known from likes of Rammelhof or Sektor 7. But as the intro already has the feeling of a vampire movie, flashbacks display the horror of the night like when Kevin goes to the park or the dead appear in „The Sixth Sense“.

(This) Dark Soul (Of Mine)“ from the title makes think of the video game, but has a way deeper meaning as Michela talks about processing ‚her coming to terms with depression‘. They truly cannot deny influence of Iron Maiden, which they mention themselves, whereas the beautiful acoustic solo part brings up Death Angel.

There are some components, Grim Justice like to use repeatedly, like a howling wind in the intro of „Terminus III“, continuing like „The Unforgiven I-III“. In the final „When Night Falls“, the lyrics go ‚My soul is dark but my mind is bright‘, enlightening the evil Metal world and ending with a drum roll.

As bonus track, Grim Justice packed a new edit of „Argus“ on the record. They play Heavy Metal with passion, and that is not just a saying. Because in every riff, every rhythm and every tone re-echo all their ‚jewels‘ they like to list like Uriah Heep and Rainbow