7.1.4_perrypherie (EP 2022)

Sektor 7

Crossover Nu Alternative Metal Rap Rock

Sunday, the day of the lord. In May 22, Sunday 22nd marks the release of the Metal Version of “Isolate” and the first so-called söng collection of the reincarnation of Vorarlberg’s very own Nu Metal veterans.

Since the debut of Sektor 7 in 2006, some time has passed and finally in 2019, the band was reborn. Another three years later, five new tracks found their way on the EP „7.1.4_perrypherie“ plus a demo recording. And in the spirit of Scar The Martyr, the music combines heavy instruments, screams tearing buildings apart and a lot of Rap.

The resulting sound orients itself at the big names of the genre. A straight bass drives the first single „Watch Me“, reminding of Korn, while the Rap, shouting and clean singing brings up Limp Bizkit. In the bridge, the guitar adds a little Death Metal touch. Frustrations of (job-) life are displayed in the music video like Rebell Bagatell did, partly shot at Bunt Bar and close to the music shop Zusammenklang.

It even gets wilder in „C4A“, that feels like a mash up between The King Must Die Thrash plus Metallica, Soulfly and CroworD. This time, a performance at the rehearsal room is combined with the lyrics in the video. All of the concept and aggressiv sound continue in „Trading With Monsters“, living from the strong production, crafted together with Hannes Jaeckl and Toni Meloni.

Also „My Name“ scores with its Rap elements and mighty guitars, before the atmosphere turns darker in „Trijol“. Thereby, the melodic line gives hints to likes of Amon Amarth, Trivium and Nekrogoblikon. The concluding demo record of the EP “Welcome” slows down the pace, with the beat of the drums in the foreground.

The rough lyrics and the little Post Hardcore impact give the final references to Stone Sour, Vaataja and With Broken Wings. Sektor 7 want to „achieve world domination“ like „Pinky and the Brain“ with their söngs. And with this EP, they started right away that very weekend live at the Between alongside Mozurak.