Boundless Possibilities In Metal To Dance

Finntroll, Skálmöld, Brymir

Vredesvävd European Tour presented by Black Harbour Entertainment and FFS Boo-Kings & Management, ((szene)) Wien, Austria 20221122

Basically the ‚November-((szene))-weeks‘ should have started with Fleshgod Apocalypse. As the concert was preponed, they start this Tuesday, continuing with the Stark!Strom Fest and Nazareth a week later, while (Hed) P.E., Suicide Silence, Volbeat and Fainschmitz are in town as well.

As first band out of three, Brymir (Napalm Records) delights the already numberus audience. Like the headliner, they’re hailing from Helsinki, where Suomenlinna preserves history, On The Rocks holds the spirits and Kuurna the delicious specialities. They work with all of their different vocals and on their menu, you can order blastbeats mainly but some doublebass too, as they joke. „Voices in the Sky“ is the starter and „Wings of Fire“ the desert, and between, they dedicate „Ride On, Spirit!“ to a friend named Julian.

On their way, the tourbus of the lineup unfortunately broke down, so a gig at Backstage had to be re-sceduled. But as they luckily could continue their trip, the great Melodic Death makes place for more Pagan Folk Viking impact with Skálkmöld from Reykjavík, Island. Again, the band works as a choir, getting the crowd on their side with songs like „Miðgarðsormur“, „Móri” and the final „Kvaðning” from their debut „Baldur“. Feeling like a mix of Kotiteollisuus and Kvelertak, they animate a wall of death and circle pit.

Then the big Humppa Metal fun comes in with Finntroll and their handmade ears. Like artists from other genres e.g. Jukka Poika or Kari Aalto and Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät, they take advantage of the traditional Finnish music, combining it with (Black) Metal. They were a late night highlight at SBOA, and this evening again with smoke from the horns on the microphone stand and songs like the slower „Ylaren“ from their latest album „Vredesvävd“. Stepping in for Routa, they present ‚Djaldur from Rauma‘ who is actually Baldur Ragnarsson of Skálmöld. 

The encore comes with hits „Under bergets rot“, „Jaktens tid“ and „Midvinterdraken“, taking this fabulous night to its end. And while the rain has started, the band anounces more and more festivals like Tuska, SBOA Brasil, Tolminator and GMM, while continuing the tour to Ljubljana..