The Number is Three – Maybe the most positiv Dark Metal in the World

Der Weg einer Freiheit, Celeste, The Devil’s Trade

Der Weg einer Freiheit 10-Years Anniversary Tour 2019 presented by Kingstar, Arena Wien, Austria 20190409


Yet another concert week in Vienna, that doesn’t make it easy to decide which event to attend. The number three is important: At the Arena alone, there are three interesting shows in a row. And on Tuesday three bands from three different countries sing in their three different languages.

First an intimate passel has the enjoyment to see The Devil’s Trade from Hungary, but soon it attracts more people. Not only his record cover are beautiful, but also the voice and music in general, like the one of Conny Ochs, just different. Happy Music is Shit it says on his merch. The songs are inspired by his journeys. He tells the story of a village (Bezidu Nou, Annot.) that sank in a lake, only a tower remained, but people there don’t know about the history. So it is important to share those stories to keep these things alive, he says. At the end, he “thanks for the patience, being quiet and listening, it means the world to me.”

From Finno-Urgic to Romance language. Celeste hail from France, delivering their brute version of Extreme Metal music. The drumming is superb, nearly discreet when leaving out the snare. The red headlights are a simple but nice and effective idea. The lighting is punctured but unfortunately too bright overall, what would’ve been better when they’d had the bright lights turned of or even all like Spectral Voice. Then Der Weg einer Freiheit is the Germanic part of the evening. Their environment consists of e.g. Downfall of Gaia, Wolves In The Throne Room and their label Season of Mist. It is the 10th anniversary tour for their first record, which they play in full length. During “Neubeginn”, Charlie Chaplin can be heard (“In this world there is room for everyone.”) and “Ruhe” they dedicate to their Hungarian support and the small hall of the Arena once more proofs itself as a perfect venue for a trailblazer for other bands like Firtan.