What we need and demand

Half Baked Cheese

Arena Beisl Open Air, Vienna, Austria 20210602

Everything changes but some things stay the same. For example the certain feeling getting of the subway, being between reality and freedom. And when you are inside the concert location, you are unplugged. When the first tone rings from the amplifier latest, everything else is gone.

It is the moment you realize every time again, why you love live music. The second night this summer after Honest Lie, it is Half Baked Cheese who channel their way to your ears. And due to the marvellous place outside at the Arena, it kind of feels like the second day of a festival.

Half Baked Cheese has been pretty busy playing the stages all around, sharing them with likes of Cadû, High Brian and Tokan. Between the gigs, they been recording as well, resulting in a full self-titled LP. Their own detached sound lies somewhere around Heavy Psychedelic Stoner Doom going to Drone and even a little of Industrial Metal.

On stage, they have the power to capture you in the very second, after the sound check with a lot of screaming and speed already made looking forward. That something breaks during the concert is Rock’n’Roll as they assert themselves. As things to enjoy they list booze and smoke and computer games as well, earning laughters.

Since they have been practising, they are able to present two unheard songs. While there is a lot of speed in their very instrumental based sound, they can go really slow as well. This they underline with their last song, which they announce is long too.

This ain’t a lie as the final is overtaking ones ear canal once more in a haunting slow Doom manner. The undefined heavy rocking drive of HBC is exactly what an escape like this is build of, and having to leave this early after is hard enough, even though The Doors do the job.