Fun Soaking Premiere

Honest Lie

Arena Beisl Open Air presented by Musicjunky Bookings & Records, Vienna, Austria 20210601

Who would have thought. That it would take seven months. Seven months to return to one of the finest places to enjoy (open air) live music. But here we are once again at the coloured walls of the Arena.

A little bit of Wonk Unit seems to be perfect to prepare oneself for the following. The nervousness is unlikely high as it has been so long and there are certain regulations. Arriving at the place, everything is as smooth as expected. And a little bit later, after inhaling this air of the innermost peace, Punk Rockers Honest Lie are there to bring the cherry on the whipped cream of this evening.

Basically the formation has existed for quite a while, following the paths of likes of Blink-182. So stories from gigs at e.g. the London Club with Future Art years ago are told and how they stick to their style. Honest Lie themselves tell that they are the laziest band on earth, as it took them seven years to put out their debut album.

But honestly who cares if an debut comes around like this one? The songs on “Best Of” contain what they’ve been up to and it is as well what the audience can enjoy plus their nice amusing on-stage behavior. Early in the set, they fill in a freeze of the whole band, before rebuking the drummer for not having built a appropriate completion.

As upcoming single they announce “Jump” before the cover of “Bitch”. The one song most people could know they say is “Rampam”. This one they tribute to the couple which met at the shooting of the music video, featuring an overhead guitar and mouth harp solo.

The David Hasselhoff interlude is some more fun, as well as the “I Want To Break Free”-Cover and jokes they try to think about. And so thanks to everyone involved, this Honest Lie show is the opening for a new season we’ve been waiting for.

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