Good Mood On A Public Holiday

Mothers Of The Land, Kobudai

Arena Beisl Open Air, Vienna, Austria 20210603

It feels like day three of a festival, as another time great bands and perfect weather lure oneself to the Arena. After Honest Lie and Half Baked Cheese, this evening even two bands are here to sweeten up the public holiday.

Because it is a public holiday, there is even a queue going to the street to get in and again to get a drink. Obviously the motivation is high and the atmosphere of the people is great as band number one let their music sound across the area.

The name is Kodubai who play their very first show and their style is of heavy speed. The singing and fast drums remind of likes of Motörhead with nice dual guitars. In an instrumental, they vary the pace and the chord progression and overall impression even gets a touch of Black Metal, before the set ends way to early.

This diversity of styles continues with the second artist Mothers Of The Land. They played with acts like Ryte, Sacri Monti, Caronte, Dusk and more. Even though the circumstances were difficult lately, they released their second album “Hunting Grounds” after “Temple without Walls” and recently their live output from Deer In The Headlights Studio, where Streambleed, Great Rift and TuXedoo played as well.

Their mixture of Heavy Metal blending into Stoner Desert Rock to Classic Psychedelic is a pure pleasure sitting in front of the administration building savouring the warm temperatures. The rhythm of the drums and bass is pumping and again the charming dual guitars do the rest for the full melodically rocking experience.

This evening kind of builds the great final of a three days kick-off of a new concert summer season. And as if the mood of the audience at the court of the Arena wouldn’t have been good before, Kobudai and Mothers Of The Land made it even better.