A Plague On All Your Houses (EP 2022)


Alternative Metal

When musicians from diverse bands team up, usually something interesting happens. Like Aleister Sinn formed From Hell, Mark Clayden (Pitchshifter) and Paul Fletcher (This Is Menace, Romeo Must Die) created a new project.

Since Buckcherry released „Hellhound“, the two captains Mark and Paul now work together under the banner Hellblind. With them are members of Stampin’ Ground and Outside The Coma. Memphia is at their back and their debut EP produced by Scott Atkins (Cradle of Filth) is out on Revenger Records via Cargo, and answers to the biblical title „A Plague On All Your Houses“.

Singer Adam Frakes-Sime spits fire and bile while the instruments hit in the head from the very first second with flogging drums, slingering bass and guitars breaking down. It’s a Hardcore style like Owe You Nothing with Rap Metal borrowings like Rise Of The Northstar, sometimes getting close to some pressuring Grindcore like Napalm Death

Main ingredient still is some kind of Alternative Metal, like the fabulous Scar The Martyr. The title „If You’re Going Through Hell“ reminds of the German one of „The Deer Hunter“ (‘Die durch die Hölle gehen’). It accelerates to more Speed Metal like DevilDriver and Cavalera Conspiracy to even a little bit of Dark Age. Two weeks before EP release, Hellblind released the lyric video for „Hitched“. The slamming Djent sound continues the genre jungle trip with Meshuggah and a pinch of Annihilator Thrash.

The fury won’t back down until the ultimate „Soul Assassin“. It probably includes the most melodic refrain of the five songs. Five songs, to punch you in the face, strike you directly and fetch you for more. Five songs, entertaining, on speed and aggressiv. Five songs to bang with, jump and have fun. Just like when you are finishing work or school and the party is just waiting straight ahead.