Hypnoid Artefacts (EP 2021)

Henrik Huber

Instrumental Experimental Progressive Rock

There’s hope in the air. In the streets, in the faces. And in the music. After the EPs “Solipsist” and “Over” and the Single “Heron”, a Vienna-based guitarist is back with six new songs plus a bonus track. And even though they have his trademark sound, still they are different.

Although Henrik “Hens” Huber has been busy for the band Klehi as well, he found time to craft own material again. While “Solipsist” was a very heavy piece, and “Over” took a quiet path, “Hypnoid Artefacts” is the most trippy and positive one of the three. In this attempt, he uses feelingly more effects to implement his ideas.

Like this, the first tune “Paint A Picture” is a surprise already. You can compare it with a slot machine, playing a huge Rock riff with wild drums, making think of Dave Grohls “Play”. Shortly we even hear a voice. If someone would paint a picture to this one, it might look like Hal in Malcolm in the middle.

Song number two “Robot Rollercoaster Youtopia” might refer to a common activity watching whatever the YouTube DJ brings up. The beat is pumping, even bit Techno-like, and the synthie sound helps the impression of a Blade soundtrack similarity. At the beginning of “No Mouth”, the drums could lead to a Metal banger directly. Instead, we hear a weird elevator melody first, getting more epic and exciting with massive drums driving “3000 Miles to Graceland”, finally getting gloomy like Annihilator.

The gloominess stays in “Silhouettes” with tape sounds. A little horror feeling of a scene in the woods with birds on tombstones, with clean strumming and Industrial touch later on. The title “Colors” reminds of song and movie of the same name, with a direct entrance, an interlude with important cymbals.

Snack Kings United” is the final joyful tune focusing on the solo guitar work and featuring the sound of a Glockenspiel. As bonus “Hustle” is available on Bandcamp, another fun one, being more Synth Pop with a dancing beat, comparable to New Urengoy and Greyshadow.

Henrik follows new paths with this EP, presenting a piece that celebrates the joy of experimenting. With new effects and very varying motives, “Hypnoid Artefacts” is a pulsating listen. Metal like TDWA or Chaos Over Cosmos but playful as well.