Lovely Get-Together In The Heavy Rain

The Soundheads, Far From Autum

Presented by NoBack Booking and Hearing The Voice, Chelsea, Vienna, Austria 20210717

The big international concerts that should have taken place this week might not have been possible. But especially Alfie of NoBack Booking takes care, that the local acts have the opportunity to play live.

So this Saturday, his own band Far From Autumn is the one to open at the Chelsea. At first, they play an unexpected heavy instrumental intro. A fitting song for the evening is “Summer Rain”, as it was raining a lot being on the way to the venue and the Gürtel even turned to a river. Their single “Break Your Heart” is part of the set as well as their classic “Bed Of Green”. The next single will be “Johnny”, they announce. And as encore, they play a quick “Cheese and Fish”, a song about a sexual experience at the bathroom of a bar. And even though Alfie’s voice was not completely there in the morning, he sounds more powerful than ever before.

Main act of this night are The Soundheads, who shared the stage with e.g. the Empty Wallets and The Dead Wallstreeters at Café Carina. As international act, they chose their stage names after their origins: the Mexican, the Irish, the Mini Irish and the Boxican (Bosnian and Mexican). They perform their original songs like “Coffee, Punk Rock and Drugs” and the single “Last Mexican Disaster”. But the Molotov-cover might not be missing either, plus they play “La Ramba” of Los Lobos. Their very melodic Punk and warm guitar sound are perfect to tell those stories and adventures of their lives. The only pity is, that their set is very short, so the audience is wishing for more. But for sure, there will be another one of these nights, meeting those lovely people and enjoying the Dead Kennedys and Pennywise influenced music of The Soundheads and hard-line Rock of Far From Autumn.