Scream and point the middle finger at the whole world

Highly Suspect, Calva Louise

MCID UK and European Tour 2019/2020 presented by FM4 Indiekiste and Barracuda Music, Arena Wien – Große Halle, Austria 20200307


It is Concert Saturday in Vienna. At the Escape birthday, the Motörhead CZ Revival pays tribute to Lemmy as did the Bömbers in 2018. At the Chelsea, Bird Of Prey are part of the “Women Of Rock”, and at the Dreiraum of the Arena, The Vibrators bring in the Punk. Meanwhile at the big hall, you can experience a modern approach to all Alternatives of Rock.

As support, Calva Louise from Manchester perform a wide varying version of Surf Garage Punk. Their name makes think of Clara Luzia and the Taylor Hawkins track “Louise”. But their music is more fast and screaming like the new “I Wish”, the final “Belicoso” or “Outrageous” from the debut “Rhinoceros”, for which they have made a comic book. They tell about this in such a sweet and nice way like they praise the main act, which they tell is one of their favorite bands and they feel honored to tour with them.

Highly Suspect already performed in Vienna at the Grelle Forelle before. Now they are back with their new record “MCID”. The band from Cape Cod mixes all musical possibilities together: modern and rousing (Blues-) Rock like Royal Blood and Welshly Arms (“16”), Indie (“Lydia”), Pop (“Freakstreet”) Hip Hop (“Tokyo Ghoul”), Electro (“Tetsuo’s Bike”) and Cramps-like Punk (“Claudeland”). On their second record, you could even find Grunge like Soundgarden or Silverchair in “Little One”. But highlights of this every time varying setlist are especially the final “Serotonia” and “My Name Is Human”. Between the songs, the band asks for applause for the securities and bartenders. And for the fans it is the perfect concert, to scream out whatever frustrations or problems they have. With this relief and motivation, it is the perfect premise to go on in this Saturday night at for example the Silent Disco at the WUK.