Gürtel Revival Flashback Birthday

hijss, Fumis, Dáire McBride

Mark’s Birthday Party presented by Firstline Booking, Coco Bar Wien, Austria 20220401

Finally walking by the Gürtel locations like Fanialive, Gürtelbräu and Loop feels like a great revival. The target is the Coco Bar, where e.g. EWATDW or The Shaftons played. Tonight it is Mark’s Birthday Party presented by Firstline Booking.

Summertime Suicide“ of the Murderdolls pushes the motivation further for the concert evening. Unfortunately, Far From Autumn had to cancel their gig, as well as the Kurt Cobain Tribute on Tuesday with I’m A Sloth at The Loft. But the other three live acts are set, and so the conditions are perfect for a successful birthday.

Number one on the timetable is Dáire McBride. For him it is his first solo show in town. He delivers a potpourri of covers from 30s to 2021, starting with The Beatles. Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen follow, before a wonderful duet, introduced with a joke about an announcement, that the owner of a car should come forward. 

Together with Mark, Dáire then also plays „Polly“ of Nirvana. As second singer-songwriter unplugged artist, Fumis from Italy performs his songs. With his strong voice and guitar skills, he makes think of likes of Onk Lou and classic Jack Johnson summer surfer music. 

This leads to the headliner of the evening. hijss craft extremely powerful Cosmic Grunge. They totally get into their tunes like „1234me“ and „Narcolepsy“. The cover shows them three side-face, so the silhouette looks like a mountain range. Performing live, they are obviously very well attuned to each other, what makes them sound huge, especially thinking about the fact, that they are just the three of them. 

After this very strong Rock show and relaxing acoustic hours, DJ Leo puts on the dancing tracks. Having a line-up like this at a sweet location like the Coco is probably the best way to celebrate one’s birthday.