Classic movies and a lot of Punk

Dim Prospects, desolat

Venster99 Wien, Austria 20220402

As the snow falls like a curtain on the Bud-Spencer-Park, inducted 2016 by Die Partei and culture association Einbaumöbel as the star shot in Vienna in 1988, the Venster99 opens its doors for a special line-up. 

The institution, that is right attached to the park, hosted heavy shred action before like e.g. Spectral Voice or Ecstatic Vision presented by dazed & confused shows. On the concert poster of this night, the hand with a knife from „The Bird with the crystal Plumage“ and blood splatters can be seen, reminding of the Owe You Nothing cover.

Brutal Sludge as a starter comes from desolat (Bloodshed666, also Phal:Angst). After „Songs of Love in the Age of Anarchy“ and “Elegance is an attitude… to shit on.“, they have released a brand-new track „Deaf, Dumb, Blind & Grumpy“. They start shortly after 10 pm. The pure violence of their sound reminds of Napalm Death. The riffs are great live and the drums diversified. Also their usage of samples works well, and as final encore, the play the fast „The Bureaucrat“.

The second act of the night is Dim Prospects (Noise Appeal / Santa Diabla Records). They have played all stages from EKH and Flag to Kapu. The title „Smile“ makes think of Lagwagon, and they have a completely new song with them as well. At a point, they address the ‚political Wunderwuzi now working at Silicon Valley‘ called ‚Herbert‘, as one from the audience jokes. The set continues with „Bauernfeind“, „Harlan“ and a Magazine cover with two singers, while a shirt says Guns N’ Wankers.

Dim Prospects end their gig with „Headlights and Black Spots“. They will soon share the stage with Wonk Unit, while the calendar of the Venster99 holds artists like Iron Snag Joe, Implore, Fuck Sorry! and TarLung with Slat and Little Hole Filled.