The Threshold Wanderer (Album 2022)

The Long Hunt

Instrumental Stoner Doom

Hiking along unexplored paths, surprises can be hiding around every corner. The artwork of „The Threshold Wanderer“ provides three escapes. With the shades of color, it makes think of the work of Travis Smith. Stepping through the archway, sinister secrets can be revealed.

From the „City of Bridges“, The Long Hunt takes us to places of scorched earth, years of plenty, the past in the future, all at the same time. After „Wilderness Tales“ and „All Paths Lead To Here“, they present a record plus a fully animated film accompanying the songs. It takes the viewer to inconceivable universes, empowered by the unlimited freedom to create those in the software Blender like Maya or Cinema4D. This ambitious project is presented by Mettle Media PR (Clouds Taste Satanic, Temptress).

Bells like wind chimes and nature sounds form birds and floating water open the „Prelude“ like in a classical piece from Michael Buchrainer, issued by Karl Scheit. „The Tower“ was released beforehand including the video, giving a Science Fiction vision of people hanging in space and bricks like Legos flying along. Movies like „The Dark Tower“ or „Independence Day“ might provide similar pictures, but the beautifully slow Doom sound is portrayed in „Lo Sound Desert“.

Threatening and evil riffs bring up Sinistro, Slift, MA-AT or 1782. The Long Hunt like to start with the drums like in „The Golden Bough“, a highlight that is more Stoner and even Classic Rock like from Jon Lord with Deep Purple, Jethro Tull and bluesy like Slash. In „Night Falls on Black Wings“, the first note reminds of „The View“, being heavy but harmonic as well and in the end drifting to Psychedelic.

The dust settles in the wonderfully quiet accent „Crossing The River“ before the „Processing of Dust“. Intraveineuse, Oddplay, Cadû and Henrik Huber are just few names coming to one’s mind. It is gloomy yet conciliatory too, kind of a the-party-is-over track even making think of „The Burning Red“ and „The End“. With this impressive music, The Long Hunt would be a perfect match for festivals like the HPS Fest with Mondo Generator, Duel and more or the Roadburn.