Dark’n’Roll for all ages

In Twilight’s Embrace, Truchło Strzygi

Together On Wicked Paths Tour presented by Left Hand Sounds, Escape Metalcorner Vienna, Austria 20220729

It is another Friday offering several attractive options for live music. Johannes Maria Knoll appears with Lukascher at the musik.stp FeSTPval. Gojira gathers the masses with Alien Weaponry. And Torpedo Torpedo cover the Stoner section at Coco Bar together with Kerbmaldarr, who were featured at the Doom Over Vienna at Escape in November.

At this very place, tonight’s guests await a special package from Poland presented by Left Hand Sounds. The music scene of the country has all sub-directions from Thrash, Death, Melodic Death and Black. This evening, we will stay in the Extreme Metal field with Black’n’Roll like Midnight and later more pure dark art.

After some Punk energy from Suicidal Tendencies and Dead Kennedys, Truchło Strzygi bring the same power on the stage of the basement. Influences can be guessed at guitarists P.’s Hellhammer shirt, the wild bass and the smoky voice of singer Gambit. In the beginning of the month, they unleashed the „Gwiezdny Demon“. They played festivals like the Lowland, Mystic and Gothoom with likes of Meet The Mailman. Like at Brutal Assault, they start with „Janosik/Suita“ from Jerzy „Dudus“ Matuszkiewicz. Their set features bangers like „Ostatnie tchienie Nosferatu“ and they give away a shirt and papers as a gift. Plus at the merchandise, wonderful posters are available from Art Of Damnation.

As there’s blood in the bathroom, that is because singer Cyprian Łakomy of In Twilight’s Embrace transformed to „The Walking DeadFrom Hell, a creepy fellow like from „Shaun Of The Dead“, „Mama“ or „The Bride“. They deliver a fantastic sinister Morbid Rock show in candle light with songs from their new full-length „Lifeblood“ inspired by Morbid Angel as a shirt represents. It is a dark Metal evening that leaves no wish unfulfilled. After the great sound pleasure, no meet and greet ticket is necessary, to have a chat with these bands. In this intimate atmosphere, Misery Index are one of the next to follow..